American School Teachers, Online One to One Teaching

Bergen English is an online English education company, located in New York, U.S. Our goal is to provide American primary school and middle school English education to international students. Via our online one to one teaching, the students can enjoy the american school education at their own home oversea. We help the students read, write and speak like native speakers. So the students can be fully ready to come to study aboard.

American Primary School Courses

Bergen Courses Level 1 to Level 8

Bergen English one to one online class provides the student pure English environment. Via studying American primary school textbooks that meets common core standard, and other supplementary books, Bergen English helps student read and speak like native speaker. The American style teaching will fully discover and nuture the student critical thinking and leadership abilities.

Subjects: Reading, Speaking, Vocabulary, Phonics and Grammar

American Middle School Courses

Bergen Course Level 9-12

Bergen English Level 9 to 12 uses American middle school textbooks. It follows American common core standard to teach reading comprehesive skills for informational text and literature. It continue expanding the students' vocabulary. The goal is to help student fully ready for SAT and TOEFL exams.

Subjects: Reading, Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar, and Math

TOEFL Listening and Speaking Courses


TOEFL Listening and Speaking Courses is designed for students who will attend TOEFL exams. Our American teachers will practice with the students to quickly improve the students' score and the basic speaking/listening abilities.